Box Truck Wrap Design

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Box Truck Wrap Design

It’s a good idea to brand any corporate vehicle, but box trucks… well they are the epitome of mobile billboards. A well designed box truck wrap will gain tons of attention as it drives down the road and the new leads it creates will make the fuel bills that much easier to swallow. Now you may be thinking, car graphics are expensive, won’t box truck graphics literally break the bank? Thankfully, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Box truck wraps are actually easier and less costly to design than their smaller car counterparts because they’re simply flat surfaces that don’t require any special formatting like cars do with all of their curves and crevices.

So, why choose 858 Graphics for your truck wrap design? Because we have more than a decade of experience in the graphic design and printing industries. We’ve design, printed, and installed wraps for cars, trucks, vans, boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, fleet graphics… you get the idea. Our dedicated and experienced in-house graphic design team loves what they do and it shows in the work they turn out. We’re willing to go that extra mile to ensure your box truck wrap drives new leads wherever it goes and exceeds your expectations.

So, what’s the truck wrap design process like? Well…
We’ll start by getting to know your brand and what you want your box truck graphics to look like. Then we’ll collect your logo and any other imagery you’d like to include in the design.

Once we understand what you’re looking for and have all the imagery, our designers will create three mock ups for you to choose from.

Once you’ve selected your favorite design, we’ll go through 3 revisions to ensure the design is just right.

At this point, your truck wrap design is complete and we’ll email it to you in a variety of common formats.

We also offer printing and installation services. If you want to print with us, click that link for more information.

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