Giant letters for hotel decor – Printing and installing life size letters

Today we printed and installed huge hotel decor letters made out of 1/2″ foam in downtown San Diego.

We charged this customer $650 for the letters and $120 for installation which is about 1/2 of what most major sign companies charge.

The letters will only be up for a couple months so we had to figure out how to mount each letter to the wall securely while still being able to remove them without peeling off any paint or leaving holes in the wall.

Each letter is around 6′ high and weighs less than 1lb so after a couple tests in the office we decided 4 or 5 3M command hooks on each letter would be enough.

We tried using a laser level at first but after the 2nd letter the outside line made the line too faint and impossible to read so we went back to using a level and tape measure.