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Women of the World
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This powerful two-day annual event is filled with inspiration and education. This event included hundreds of moms, mom bloggers, and influencers committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. Held in Arlington, TX, 858 Graphics contributed to the printing, and installation of these graphics. Products included wall murals & wraps, foamcore die cut lettering, and event directional signage.

ComicCon Graphics

Every year at Comic Con we are approached with new and unique inquiries to excite visitors, executives, and celebrities. Over the years we have wrapped yachts for broadcasting networks to showcase their line-ups, took over downtown bars-performed complete face-lifts for branding from top to bottom, created pop up stores over existing locations and even take over public park space. All of these projects are details for weeks in advance to create a specific branding experience that is immersive, impact and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits.

SimX Tradeshow Graphics

The CEO and founder of SimX, Ryan Riberia, urgently called 858 Graphics, 5 days before the 20th annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare. Ryan needed to spruce up his trade show display in a hurry. With only 5 days to spare, our team at 858 Graphics was able to produce everything Ryan needed from fabric hanging banners and tower displays to temporary floor graphics. Not only was the event a success, but everything was hand-delivered and arrived ahead of schedule.

Unleash 2018 Graphics Gallery

Outreach is an Experienced Sales Engagement Platform Software Company. The company's annual conference focuses on every aspect of the sales process – from building a robust pipeline to the application of machine learning and AI. This event was held at San Diego's Paradise Point Resort. We facilitated the entire process, including design, print and install. Graphics included- PVC hanging signs, standing gatorboard directionals, mesh banners, window graphics, vinyl murals & wraps, custom booth displays, concrete graphics, and so much more!

Vans Vehicle Wrap

When a company as well known Vans reaches out to you hoping to find a local company to produce a custom vehicle wrap, you just can’t say no! Just like that, within 5 days the creative team at 858 Graphics was able to work with the team at Vans to conceive an eye-pleasing design from scratch. Once a design was quickly developed, our installation team was able to fully wrap this van in one day. Needless to say, the folks at Vans were "off the wall" with happiness.

Port of San Diego Bus Wraps

Port of San Diego was looking for ways to generate advertising revenue through the existing channels of their company. One of the best ways was to wrap buses that drive all over San Diego as free advertisement and utilizing the available space as paid advertising. By framing the sold advertising, with subtle company branding, we were able to seam together the 2 project goals into one amazing looking. We facilitated the entire process from start to finish. This included measurements, templates, printing, and installing. These go into circulation for 15 weeks and then they are returned to their original conditions!

Barona Bus Wraps

Barona Resort & Casino called into 858 Graphics looking for ways they could expand their advertising footprint. Knowing that they utilize bus transportation, 858 Graphics suggested a customized bus wrap that would double as a mobile billboard. We then took detailed measurements of the vehicle and adjusted current print advertisement to maximize the exposure of the bus. They were ecstatic with the results and raved about all of the expanded exposure they were getting.