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858 Graphics is San Diego’s premier channel letter shop. We offer LED channel letters, on-site inspection and installation services. Call us at 858-568-5133 to find out more.

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Channel letters are a high-impact type of signage that can be seen clearly 24 hours a day. They add a look of professionalism to your storefront or office space and your business stand out in the crowd. There are a few different types of channel letter signs, front lit letters (which are the most common), reverse lit letters, front and back lit letters, and open face letters. We’ll briefly explain their similarities and differences below.

To start with, all channel letter signs consist of an internal “channel” where the lights, whether they be neon or LED, are contained. That illuminated internal channel is where the “channel” sign name comes from. The side of a channel letter sign is called the “return”. As their names suggest, the different variations revolve around the way they’re lit. As we mentioned earlier, front lit channel letters are the most common variation. They have a plastic lens over the internal channel that filters the light. Reverse lit channel letters or backlit letters on the other hand have solid, opaque letters with the light shining from underneath. Reverse lit letters provide a truly unique and striking display.

Front/Back Lit letters use a combination of front and reverse lighting. Lastly, open face letters are similar to front lit, but, without a lens to cover the bulbs which makes them the brightest of the channel letters. Here at 858 Graphics we use only LED channel letters because they last longer than their neon counterparts. Our channel letters are made of aluminum boxes which makes them lightweight and rust-proof. They are available in literally any shape, size, and color.

No matter what font you use or how complex your logo is, we can produce a channel letter sign that matches it. Every channel sign that we make is as unique as the brand it represents. It’s not just our top-quality product that makes us the best choice though. We also offer on-site inspections, professional installation services, and a 60-month manufacturer’s warranty. We stand by our products from start to finish. Ready to see how channel letter signs can improve your brand awareness? Then give us a call at 858-568-5133.


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