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  • Artwork Requirements

    Web Upload:
    Acceptable File Formats:

    1. Adobe Illustrator: .ai
    2. Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
    3. Vector (.eps)
    4. Portable Document Format (.pdf)
    5. Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)

    Fonts: All fonts must be outlined and Vectorized 

    Color Specifications: CMYK File Format

    Cut Lines: Draw a 1pt magnet lines to cut. This will need to be provided on a separate layer. Please be sure this is not flattened on the printed art. This line will be used as the precise cut line!

  • How large can my rigid print be?

    Our materials come default at 4 foot by 8 foot. These materials include foamcore, dibond, PVC, styrene, ultraboard, gatorboard, cardstock, coroplast, and acrylic.  If requested, we have the ability to order these in custom sizes.  Call you customer service rep to find out more!

  • What are stud mounts?

    Stud mounts are utilized for signage or dimensional letters. These are threaded metal pieces that range in length from 3/4″ to several inches long. The back of the sign or letter is drilled and tapped to receive threaded studs. Studs are pressed into pre drilled wall holes and secured with adhesive and/or anchors. Studs can be utilized for blind stud mounts, or can be hung a little off the wall. Blind stud mounts allow you to hang heavier signage and secure it directly to the wall.

  • What sizes do you offer for Acrylic prints?

    We offer acrylic prints in custom sizes. We accommodate images as small as 6 inches or wide as 10 feet. If you’d like something bigger, we can print your image in panels. On our website, we offer thicknesses of ⅛ and ¼ inches. We also carry ½ and 1 inch acrylic (if you’d like either of these, please call our sales staff), but ¼ is by far the most popular. That’s because the larger and thicker your acrylic substrate is, the more expensive it’ll be. The 1 inch acrylic looks awesome, but we understand that the price is too rich for most people’s blood.

  • How do I hang my acrylic print?

    The acrylic prints can be mounted any way you like, but keep in mind that any adhesive applied to the back of the acrylic will be placed on the printing, endangering your image. As acrylic can sometimes be heavy (depending on the thickness and size) we recommend standoffs, as the print is kept away from direct contact with the wall. Did you know that 858 Graphics also offers installation services?

  • How do I clean my acrylic print?

    The acrylic face protects the face of your print; do not clean the backing/print itself or you may risk scratching the print. The face can be cleaned with a feather duster or soft cloth. Do not clean the acrylic with anything abrasive. Refrain from using chemicals on the acrylic. If your acrylic print is particularly grimy, clean with a diluted solution of vinegar.

  • How long will my acrylic print last?

    Acrylic is pretty indestructible (that’s not a guarantee; just our personal experience). With regular usage, acrylic will not shatter, crack, or break. The glossy surface may scratch over time if it is not cleaned with the proper materials. The archival print is protected by the facing acrylic. Though both the acrylic and the print are UV resistant and waterproof, your image will stay vibrant and intact longer if kept away from direct exposure to the elements. In short, it should last you a good long while. Theoretically, because it’s printed in UV-cured archival ink, it could last up to 75 years, but none of us have been printing long enough to personally vouch for that.

  • What is reverse-printing?

    That means that we print your image on the back of clear acrylic . This gives your the prismatic look of being behind glass. If you’re mounting your print, that means that the printed part of the acrylic is against the wall and is protected by the acrylic face. Though the print itself is waterproof, reverse-printing safeguards against scuffs and scratches.

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