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  • Artwork Requirements

    Web Upload:
    Acceptable File Formats:

    1. Adobe Illustrator: .ai
    2. Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
    3. Vector (.eps)
    4. Portable Document Format (.pdf)
    5. Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)

    Fonts: All fonts must be outlined and Vectorized 

    Color Specifications: CMYK File Format

    Cut Lines: Draw a 1pt magnet lines to cut. This will need to be provided on a separate layer. Please be sure this is not flattened on the printed art. This line will be used as the precise cut line!

  • I have a specific shade of gold used in my logo, can these stickers match that shade?

    Of course! We can match any gold shade that you need for your stickers because the digital printing we use has full color capability. This type of ink also allows us to show textures and gradations, so you’ll get the fine distinction that you’re looking for. Plus the turnaround time is twice as fast as traditional foil and embossed printing!

  • What is the difference between "Large Sheet" versus "Individual Cut"?

    Cutting stickers on the “large sheets” option results in the stickers being cut and left on the sheets rather than cut all the way through. This is beneficial for assembly lines, labeling mass quantities of boxes, jars, and any other products. Rather than fumbling through thousands of stickers, attempting to peel the backing off each individual label, you have the option to keep the stickers on one sheet. “Individual Cut” results in a sticker cut all the way through, perfect for hand-outs, promotions and individual resale

  • Is there static on both sides or just one side?

    All of our static cling stickers are double sided! This is so you can easily put it anywhere! Plus, they stick to plastic and metal–if you wanted to put them in a more unique location.

  • If I stick a static cling sticker down, can I decide to move it later or switch them around?

    Yes that is the beauty of the static cling stickers! Instead of adhesive, the see through vinyl prints stick to the surface with static electricity. So you can remove them and find a sparkling clean surface–or re-position them anywhere you choose!

  • How heat resistant are these stickers?

    We use a high tack adhesive on all of the heat resistant stickers, so it will resist temperatures up to 500 degrees!

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