Anti Microbial Film

Protecting commonly used surfaces from the spread of infectious disease can be quite the challenge. This anti-microbial copper film is superior in many key attributes including an advanced adhesive technology, layered product structure and improved durability during every day use. Contact your local representative today to find out how easily you can protect your business, customers and employees using anti-microbial copper film.


Product Features
• 99.9% Copper film – no topcoat
• Translucent film allows for visibility
• PE (polyethylene) core
• Removable adhesive w/ residue free
removeability for up to one year
• Anti-microbial effectiveness until
physical damage to film
• Scratch resistant during normal use
• Easily cleaned with almost any cleaner
(Bleach, Alcohol, etc.)


  • Restrooms
  • POS Systems and Kiosks
  • Stair/Escalator Handrails
  • Elevator Buttons
  • Credit Card Machines
  • Counters/Desks
  • Doors/Handles
  • Nearly any hard publicly accessible surface