Dimensional Letters

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Do It Yourself and save hundreds! We guarantee you will install this sign perfectly the first time using the template we provide.

Dimensional Letters are made to draw attention by providing depth to any logo
or graphic. They can be mounted onto nearly any surface and also have the
option to be front, side or back lit. The main material utilized for these letters are
metal, plastic, foam, acrylic or dibond.

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  1. I was very impressed with not only how friendly the staff was, but also their attention to detail. I could not be happier with how my order turned out.

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  • Artwork Requirements

    Web Upload: https://www.858graphics.com/uploader/
    Acceptable File Formats:

    1. Adobe Illustrator: .ai
    2. Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
    3. Vector (.eps)
    4. Portable Document Format (.pdf)
    5. Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)

    Fonts: All fonts must be outlined and Vectorized 

    Color Specifications: CMYK File Format

    Cut Lines: Draw a 1pt magnet lines to cut. This will need to be provided on a separate layer. Please be sure this is not flattened on the printed art. This line will be used as the precise cut line!

  • What are stud mounts?

    Stud mounts are utilized for signage or dimensional letters. These are threaded metal pieces that range in length from 3/4″ to several inches long. The back of the sign or letter is drilled and tapped to receive threaded studs. Studs are pressed into pre drilled wall holes and secured with adhesive and/or anchors. Studs can be utilized for blind stud mounts, or can be hung a little off the wall. Blind stud mounts allow you to hang heavier signage and secure it directly to the wall.

  • Is this something I can install myself?

    Yes! We make installing dimensional letters easy like riding a bicycle. With the DIY template, find the location you want to place the print, remove the adhesive backing, place the graphic on the wall, and finally remove the template. This DIY template took what used to be an hour process and turned it into minutes. Your graphic can be applied to your wall within minutes of receiving the dimensional letters

  • Are your dimensional letters suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications?

    Our custom dimensional letters are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. These letters are very durable and look extremely professional. We are able to custom die cut your letters to any shape and size out of plastic, metal, foam, or acrylic. These permanent indoor and outdoor signs show your corporate identity and also extenuate your lobby, receptionist area, or board room.

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