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Gator Board is much stronger than Foam Core and roughly the same weight. Unlike Foam Core, Gator Board prints do not warp over time. Perfect for indoor use, this rigid substrate is used to print custom artwork, menu boards, posters and photos.

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  1. I can’t believe how fast I received my order! I was shocked by how amazing it looked. I’ll never use Kinko’s for again.

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  • Artwork Requirements

    Web Upload:
    Acceptable File Formats:

    1. Adobe Illustrator: .ai
    2. Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
    3. Vector (.eps)
    4. Portable Document Format (.pdf)
    5. Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)

    Fonts: All fonts must be outlined and Vectorized 

    Color Specifications: CMYK File Format

    Cut Lines: Draw a 1pt magnet lines to cut. This will need to be provided on a separate layer. Please be sure this is not flattened on the printed art. This line will be used as the precise cut line!

  • What is the difference between gatorboard and polystyrene prints?

    Styrene is a flexible PVC plastic that can be rolled up, it is somewhat rigid but does not offer the same rigidness of the gatorboard. Gatorboard is like taking two styrene panels and sandwiching a layer of foam in between. It creates large panels that are very durable and will not warp like a polystyrene panel.

  • What is the difference between gatorboard and ultraboard?

    Ultraboard is a durable material that has a plastic front and back with a foam center. It is very durable, and rigid and is designed for interior, long term use. Gatorboard is very similar to ultraboard in terms of durability, also intended for interior long term use. The faces of gatorbaord are made of a wood-fiber veneer. Ultraboard plastic faces provide durability against dents, and other impacts.

  • What is the difference between gatorboard and foamcore?

    Both gatorboard and foamcore are made for interior use due to the foam based centers. However foamcore is made for temporary uses while gatoboard is made for long term durability. Gatorboard is much more dent resistant, impact resistant and moisture resistant due to the plastic veneer provided on both faces of the graphic.

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