Project Management

Every project that we do is assessed and estimated by our project management team.  Our experienced team of estimators, designers, printers and installers will determine all the necessary details that need to be considered for the particular installation and work with the client to ensure that it the project is on time and budget. As part of our ongoing service and commitment 858 Graphics offer:

Client Brief:

What do you (the client) want? What is the desired outcome, what is imagined, what is to be achieved? If magic could weave a dream what would it be?

Site Survey:

The site may be measured, drawn to scale and photographed to provide the basis of the brief for the designers.

The Project Team:

Regular and effective communication between the diverse range of those involved in successfully completing the project and being able to talk their talk is important. The project team may consist of architects, interior designers, graphics designers, builders, shopfitters, as well as the hardware production crew, printers, and the client representative.

Visual Mock-Ups:

Initial designs can be superimposed over displays, interior walls, glass, architectural floor plans and elevations to enable third parties to visualize the final result.

Proof on Stock:

Large format graphics proofed on final printing stock provides an accurate check on color and resolution of the images.


858 Graphics project manager will directly monitor the printing process at printing and finishing stages prior to dispatch and installation.


The installer requires the appropriate skill set for each job to ensure a great result. You can trust your 858 Graphics installer for professional results in all retail and commercial environments.


All graphics are checked according to visuals and the original written brief and final sign-off is obtained from the client.

Site Survey Sample