Event Branding Ideas

Event Branding Ideas

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A Grand Entrance

The entryway to your event should be anything but boring.

You want people to know whose epic event they’re at from thenoteptive and enticing entry signage.
People waiting in line will appreciate having something to read and occupy their time.

Custom Lettering
Flat 2D signs are perfect for many occasions, but, if you really want to make your message pop, go 3D. Cut out letters can be used to create truly striking displays that are guaranteed to get noticed. For added style points, incorporate backlighting into the sign to add definition.

Use a custom Gobo when you want to set up a jaw-dropping display without any installation.
That sign required nothing more than the flick of a switch to install, and tell me it doesn’t look amazing. Gobo’s are image projectors that work by placing a metal or glass plate over a lamp. They can project extremely large images and have an exceptional lifespan. If you’re looking for truly portable, large format signage, this is it.


Image Courtesy of NucleairNederland©

Information & Directions

Agenda Posters
Any convention or trade show worth going to will have plenty of different events going on.
Do your attendees a favor and hang agenda posters up across the venue to ensure that people don’t miss out on
their favorite event. Agenda posters can also be handed out to attendees who will keep them as a memento.

Directional signs are a must-have for any well organized event.
Most exhibitions and trade shows have dozens or even hundreds of exhibits. Each one presenting another obstacle between you and your potential customers. To combat the maze like feel of a crowded event, put up directional signs that lead straight to your booth. The people that came to see your company specifically will thank you and you’re bound to draw in more traffic from people who are curious about the signs.

A-frame Signs for curbs or parking lots
The parking lot of a lot of larger events can feel like a maze and crossing it a daunting… or at least confusing task. Help people get inside faster and keep them happy by using directional a frame signs in the parking lot or at the side of the road. Modern a frame signs are lighter and easier to carry then their old wooden counterparts, but just as stable. They’re easy to set up and store nicely which makes them the perfect addition to your “event tool kit”.

Go above and beyond your competitors with hanging banners.
If you want to make sure that people can see your messages and find your booth effectively despite the crowd, then hang them above the crowd. Hanging banners not only reach people from a distance, but they’re also one of the most affordable types of signage.

Floor graphics are the perfect way to reach your audience in a packed venue.
When it’s time to plan the decorations and promotional signage for an event, people always think of the ceiling and the walls, but, floor graphics provide a unique advantage in a packed venue. When people walk they instinctively look at the floor to keep from falling, additionally in a crowded environment people tend to look down to avoid eye contact. Use those two things to your advantage by placing your ads and directional signage where people are already looking.

Custom Rugs.
Have a lot of events on your schedule in different locations? Then single use floor graphics probably won’ t be the best option for your floor signage. Custom rugs on the other hand, while not providing the same high-definition imagery, will last for years and frankly, they’re much more comfortable to stand on.

Guest Management

Custom Tickets
Probably the single most held onto items of any event, whether it be a music festival or a tradeshow is the tickets. So don’t use plain black and white ones, go for something full-color with good design that people will want to keep. To put your tickets to work for you, add a link and QR code to a special event page for people to share their experience.

Custom Wristbands
Wristbands are an excellent idea over ticket stubs for a multiday event. They’re less likely to be lost and can be used for marketing purposes post event, from social media picture campaigns to use as coupons. Even items like a simple wristband can generate ROI if you get creative.

Custom Flyers
Obviously if you’re hosting the event, you’re going to need to print out flyers with useful information like the schedule and a map of the venue, but, even if you’re not the host you can benefit from handing out flyers. Include a map of the venue with a path leading to your booth and a schedule of any special events you’re hosting. To top it off, include a link with a QR code to a page where attendees can rate their experience with your booth. Offer a discount for completing to survey to increase the number of participants.

Agenda cards
As opposed to having to needing to flip through the flyer to keep track of the day’s events,
add a smaller double-sided agenda card so that people can keep track of where they need to be with ease.
Print the schedule on one side and a map of the venue on the other. When attendees spend less time getting lost or missing events because they forgot the schedule, they’re happier and the event is more profitable.

Custom name badges will make it easier to meet so many new people in one day.
While it seems obvious to provide nametags to your staff, we rarely think of providing them to our guests.
Handing out nametags to your guests will promote interaction amongst them and improve everyone’s experience.

                                                          Image Courtesy of Christopher Michel©

Custom hotel key sleeves
Hosting a corporate retreat, trade show, or similar event in a hotel? Hand out custom Hotel Key Sleeves that have a schedule, directions, contact info, or other important info on them. They’ll be handy for your attendees at the event and can act as a memento when get home.

Custom Valet tickets
You don’t host an upscale event without providing valet service.
That valet ticket provides you with an extra opportunity to keep your brand in the forefront of your client’s minds.
Add a thank you message or small event schedule to the tickets to increase their usefulness.

Photo Op

There’s no better way to make your attendee’s feel special than rolling out the red carpet.
If there’s one surefire way to make your attendees feel special, it’s by rolling out the red carpet.
People hate waiting in line, but waiting while they’re on the glamorous red carpet, that’s a different story.
Be sure to complete the look and maximize your visibility with a step and repeat backdrop.

Image Courtesy of David Shankbone©

Step and Repeat banners provide stellar photo opportunities.
They say a picture’s worth a thousand words… but, what if your company name isn’t one of them?
Adding a step and repeat backdrop to your next event will ensure that everyone who sees your attendee’s photos will know where they were and what brand’s events to look out for.

Lifesize cutouts require less pay than people and are never worried about break time.
Want to create a unique photo opportunity for your attendees? Then set up a few big life sized cut outs.
People love the opportunity to take a photo with their favorite fictional character or celebrity. Life size cut outs give them the opportunity to do that. They’re also the perfect way to display your basic information without having to repeat it to each person directly.

Big head cut outs provide larger than life photo opportunities.
Lifesize cut out not quite big enough for you? Then make your photo op larger than life with a custom big head cut out. Installing a big head cut out at your next event will ensure that there are plenty of shared photos.

Center Stage

Stage Backdrop
If you’re going to be putting on a show, go all out and do it in style with a professional stage backdrop.
Everyone at the event is going to have their eyes glued to the stage, so there’s no better place to have your logo.
Not to mention, stage banners are the gift that keeps on giving as event pictures circulate through social media.

Stage Banners
For smaller events, purchasing a complete backdrop for your stage might be a bit much, but you still want your
logo and the event name in the photos. The solution, a simple stage banner. Vinyl banners are a strong contender
for the most affordable type of sign per square foot and they’re easy to set up.

An unbranded podium is a wasted opportunity.
No public speaker’s set is truly complete without a podium. With everyone’s eyes on the speaker, that’s where you want your message to be. Bringing your own branded podium will allow you to do that. If you want your podium to also be as convenient to store and transport as possible, look for a pop up model.

Custom Trophy or award for your speakers or guests of honor.
Want to create a unique photo op and make a lasting impression on your speakers or guest of honor?
Present them with a custom event trophy or award. It will be an experience they won’t soon forget.


Your Booth


Table throws provide an air of professionalism.
If you want your booth to stand out in the crowd, it needs to look top-notch. One easy way to achieve that professional look and feel is with a branded table throw. As an added bonus, you can use the space underneath the table to keep all of your non-essential event items out of sight and your booth clutter-free.

Custom Table Graphics
If you bring the same table to every event, instead of a table throw you might try a custom table graphic.
These vivid graphics are permanently mounted on the table for a lasting, professional image.

Table Signage
There are certain talking points that you’ll be repeating all day at your exhibit, and while that’s fine when things are slow, it can really cause problems when your booth is packed. To combat that, use small table signage to convey your main speaking points, but don’t overdo it. You need to leave at least one big question unanswered, so people don’t just read the sign and walk away.

Roll Up Banners
One of the biggest complaints that convention or tradeshow exhibitors and event planners have is how long it takes to set up all of the displays. Feeding hooks through grommets while balancing on a ladder or bolting together your freestanding signage is tedious and time consuming work. That’s why savvy exhibitors and event planners use roll up banners, to save the hassle and get set up in seconds.

Custom NCR Forms for upsells.
Branded NCR Forms will keep your streamline your transactions and make it easier to track your efforts at the end.
This is one of the little things that adds up to a professional exhibit and excellent attendee experience.

If things are going well and you’re getting plenty of visitors, you’re just not going to have time to explain every detail about each product or service that you sell to every visitor. That’s why it pays to keep detailed flyers on hand. Not only will it allow your leads to develop a better understanding of what you offer while they’re at the event, but it will often transfer into purchases after the event.

Event Rating Flyer
You want to know the easiest way to find out what your attendees thought of your exhibit? Ask them.
Include one in your flyer and give one to every new customer you get at the show. Place a drop box on your table for those people who complete it in person and of course include a link and QR code so they can post a review online.

Custom Tradeshow booth
This is the meat and potatoes right here. If you have a run of the mill booth you can expect n average amount of traffic. If you want to stand out from the crowd and pack your exhibit, you need to go all out and set up a custom booth. While they’re expensive up front, they’ll pay themselves off again and again as the events pile up.

Custom Truss system
When it comes to event marketing, bigger is better! Renting a large space and setting up a custom truss system is a guaranteed method for making a serious impression on your clients.
A set up like this is what brings out the wow factor.

Outdoor Events

Custom Canopies
One of the easiest ways to keep your booth packed at any event, but specifically outdoor ones is by providing shelter. A comfortable environment where people can get out of the sun and escape the craziness of the crowd for a moment will be greatly appreciated. The extra time people spend will give you the perfect opportunity to really educate them about your product or service.

Custom VIP Glasses
Custom branded sunglasses are always a hit, especially for those of us who tend to forget to bring our own…
To increase audience engagement with your brand, set up a social media campaign for people to post pictures wearing the sunglasses. Turn it into a contest to increase engagement.

Teardrop Banners
When you’re looking for outdoor event signage there are three key characteristics to keep in mind, water resistance, wind resistance, and sun resistance. Fabric tear drop banners knock all three of those items out of the park by combining a water proof mesh banner that provides little wind resistance with fade resistance UV ink. These banners also create a light noise in the breeze to attract people’s attention.

Feather Flags
Looking for a larger alternative to the teardrop banner that is equally weather resistant?
Then you need a feather flag.

Custom Golf Cart Graphics
Hosting a golf tournament or simply using golf carts to help people move around a large event space?
Branding the golf carts is a unique way to increase your brand’s photo appearances.

Short Term vehicle wraps
Vehicle wraps look awesome and command a lot of attention. They also reach a much broader audience than traditional print advertisements due to the fact that they’re… you know, on wheels. But, what if you don’t want to permanently alter the look of your vehicle? Short term vehicle wraps are designed with easy and harmless removal in mind. They literally peel off when your event is done.


Custom Water bottles
People need to stay hydrated, especially when they’ve been walking around in a stuffy convention center or out in the hot sun for hours on end. That’s why it always pays to have water bottles to hand out at your booth. But, if you want to make your investment really work for you, brand the bottles. When people see what company is handing out the refreshments they’ll be heading straight for your booth.

Custom Coffee Cups
This is the same principle as the water bottles. When people see your brand on the free coffee everyone’s drinking, they’ll be heading straight for the source. Like all giveaways though, the more purposes it can serve the better. Set up a hashtag or event page and have people send in a picture of them drinking the coffee in your cup. Depending on your brand’s style, you could do something like the silliest picture wins a free gift card.

Custom Drink Tickets
Now, it makes sense to put your logo on the drink tickets for branding reasons, but, you can add a dual purpose to
those drink tickets. Send out a message on all of your social media and through email as soon as the event ends and let
people know that anyone with a left over ticket can redeem it for a discount or as a small gift card.

Custom Table Tents
While your attendees are sitting down enjoying your refreshments, give them something to read about.
Specifically, add a table tent with the event schedule or information about your product or service.

Custom Napkins
Napkins are one of those basic necessities that company’s rarely do anything special with.
Show that your company pays attention to the little things by printing games on your napkins.
Tic-tac-toe or a word game, it will be a neat addition that your guests are sure to talk about.

Custom Trashcans and Recycle Bins
Of course, all of those water bottles, coffee cups, and napkins are going to need to be disposed of properly.
Use branded recycle bins and trash cans to remind your customers that you care about the environment.


Staff Shirts
With the hundreds and sometimes thousands of attendees that will be packed into one small venue, it’s important that your event staff stand out. Help them do that by providing them with custom event t-shirts, then while you’re at it…

Attendee Shirts
Make similar shirts for your attendees. Having similar event shirts for your event staff and attendees will make them feel like they’re part of something, like a club. People love feeling like they’re part of something exclusive and t-shirts tend to be kept for a long time. Even if it’s just relax wear, who throws out a perfectly good shirt?

Custom Hats
Handing out branded hats effectively turns your customers into walking billboards.
To improve the odds of people wearing your hats, make them event specific.
People want to have exclusive items.

Stickers for giveaway
Stickers might as well be gold in terms of giveaway items.
They’re cheap to make, everybody takes them, and they can end up advertising for you in some very unique places.
Frankly, no event checklist is complete until free stickers is ticked off.

Custom Posters
Event posters are an extremely affordable way to provide your guests with a souvenir of the event.
This shouldn’t be a schedule poster though, this should be a well designed wall poster that your guests can hang somewhere to commemorate the event.

Custom Raffle Tickets.
Marketers can say what they will about the raffle being a dead tactic, but it can still be done right.
Instead of using generic raffle tickets, hand out custom raffle tickets with your logo on them.
Then, offer a discount either via the ticket number online or by directly presenting it in person.
This will give your guests an added incentive to participate in the raffle and offer you a unique way to track
how successful your event was in reaching new customers.

Custom Pens.
Free pens are a staple of every trade show, some people love them and others think they’re a waste of money.
Frankly, we think it’s all in how you use them. Don’t just leave a basket of free pens on the table, only give them to verified prospects to conserve cost. And if you really want to maximize their lifespan, order some quality pens instead of the cheap, plastic tube models. We’re not saying the pens should be made of solid gold, but a pen that has a little weight to it and is comfortable to use is far more likely to be kept.

Custom Notepads
Your attendees will be meeting dozens of people and have tons of information thrown at them.
Make it a little easy for them to keep track of it all and remember everything by providing branded notepads.

Custom Notebooks
Or take it one step further and provide them with a notebook. Unlike a relatively cheap notepad, people are unlikely to toss a convenient notebook in the trash or just stick it in the junk drawer. If your niche happens to be writers or other artists, double down on the notebooks because they’re a guaranteed hit.

Custom Lanyards

Lanyards have one of the longest lifespans of all promo gear, because they’re just plain useful.
Want to remind your customers about your brand every time they reach for their keys?
Give them a branded lanyard.

USB Dongle or Bracelet

Everyone needs a USB drive nowadays, whether it be for work, school, or personal use.
Unfortunately, those drives and the important files they contain are tiny and easy to forget about.
Want to help your guests remember their files while you make a lasting impression?
Hand out branded USB dongles that fit on a key chain or better yet, USB bracelets.
You can include a digital copy of your event flier or special event exclusive content.

Custom giveaway bags

Everybody loves swag. For some, it’s the whole reason to attend a convention or tradeshow.
Want to make sure that your attendees remember where the best swag came from? Then brand your giveaway bags and leave a lasting impression. One more tip for gift bags, if you make them large enough to carry more than simply the items you provide, people will use them to carry everything and advertise your brand as they travel through the event.

Custom Boxes

Want to make your gift bag truly stand out? Use a box.
Custom gift boxes are reminiscent of a happy meal box. They’re memorable and sure to stand out among all the bags.

Custom Duffle Bags

Branded plastic gift bags are better than generic bags, but if you really want to maximize the lifespan of your swag bags and improve your ROI, give out branded duffle bags. Not only will the recipients be impressed, but it shows that your brand cares about the environment when you hand out reusable bags instead of disposable plastic ones.