Free IQ Lamp Template with custom snake skin, zebra and tiger patterns.

I found a blog post about IQ lamps while stumbling around the internet and new right away that I had to make one.

I downloaded a blank template then added some cool background designs.

I printed the designs on .040″ PVC sintra using an OCE 250GT and cut them out on a konsberg router at 858 Graphics. The first light took about 20 minutes to assemble after I figured out the pattern the second and third one took 5 minutes.

I found an old computer cable and bought a base for a regular light bulb at home depot. I then went on ebay and found a couple cool lighting options.

My favorite is was the spinning disco ball seen in the video above.

Download the template here

Here’s a link on amazon

For custom sintra and PVC printing visit
I love this design my next project is to shrink the individual pieces down by 50% to make the patterns more intricate. I’ve include a download link with the different designs I came up with change them any way you wish.

Happy tinkering.