Second Surface Printing – What is it and why is it so expensive?

Second surface printing is the process of printing on the backside of a clear material such as glass or acrylic.

The ink is printed on the backside of the material allowing it to be protected from graffiti and fading over time.

If a white flood coat is not use when printing second surface the images will appear dull and washed out especially if placed against a dark background.

To make the graphics “POP” and have greater color contrast a white flood coat it added after the graphic has been printed.

In the video we print on 3/16″ glass that is pre drilled for stud mounting. The alignment has to be perfect when printing if the piece is off by 1/16″ it has to be reprinted.

For second surface printing on glass or acrylic call the friendly folks (I’m one of them) at 858 Graphics.