Different types of signage.

Exploring Different Types of Signage and Their Uses

Are you looking to communicate and express your company’s brand better? Learn how the different indoor and outdoor signage types can be imperative for your business’s success. This blog will break down the different types of signage and their uses.

Different types of signage

Different types of signage provide a strong form of visual communication, and we classify them into indoor and outdoor. They capture attention and convey messages in a distinct setting. Indoor or interior signage, such as posters, magnets, dimensional letters, and canvas, acts as storytellers within office walls, retail spaces, event venues and shopping malls. They narrate the business’s brand to its audiences.

Outdoor or exterior signage, such as window graphics, channel letters, and custom canopy, are used to broadcast broad messages and attract the attention of passersby. These are good for business conversion as they boldly state the brand to potential customers.

Indoor Signage


Posters are a versatile form of advertising, and businesses use them to display essential information. They highlight upcoming events, promotions, and products. These eye-catching images and short messages help companies attract customers and strengthen their brand. The posters are generally present within office spaces, retail stores and event venues. Our print and graphic store in San Diego creates a lasting impression in your customer’s mind.


Magnets are informational signs that serve as dynamic tools for businesses promoting their product or service offerings. These magnetic displays show essential information about a company and turn any magnetic surface into a promotional space. Magnets in offices or stores display essential information like product details or contact info. They are easy to see and access. Their adaptability and reusability make them an invaluable asset for businesses seeking cost-effective yet impactful advertising solutions. Magnets are used on cabinets, doors, or fridges to strengthen the brand and give customers vital information.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are a sophisticated and impactful form of indoor signage. They are three-dimensional manifestations of a business’s identity. These include meticulously crafted letters, often made from acrylic, metal, or foam. Their importance lies in their ability to command attention and leave a lasting impression on visitors. By adorning walls, reception areas, or prominent office spaces, dimensional letters serve as solid visual communication, instantly conveying the professionalism and credibility of a business. They play an essential role in advertising and engaging audiences through elegant letters that display a company’s name, tagline, or critical messages. The three-dimensional feature of these signs allows them to stand out amidst traditional flat signage. Businesses can easily customize these signs to match their brand with various sizes, fonts, and finishes. Their durability and high-quality construction make them a worthwhile investment for businesses seeking a polished and impactful indoor signage solution.

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Canvas photo printing is an artful form of business advertising and branding. This medium involves transferring high-resolution images onto canvas, creating captivating visual displays. Canvases are seen adorning office walls, reception areas, or interior spaces. Canvas photo printing evokes emotions, conveys narratives, and reinforces brand messaging in a captivating and aesthetically pleasing manner. They serve not only as promotional tools but also as decorative elements that elevate the aesthetics of a space. Their durability and premium appearance make them a long-term investment.

Outdoor Signage

Window Graphics

Window graphics offer businesses a cost-effective and excellent advertising solution for boosting customer traffic and visibility. They are easy to install, maintain, and update, providing flexibility for changing promotions or seasonal messaging. Their durability and weather-resistant properties ensure that they remain a consistent and impactful part of the business’s outdoor advertising strategy over time. They serve as a first impression for pedestrians, motorists, and potential customers. These graphics make a consistent look that matches the brand and stands out. They strategically place them to attract attention, convey messages, and enhance the overall exterior aesthetic. Window graphics increase customer engagement and drive foot traffic by boosting brand visibility.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are a powerful advertising tool that provides high visibility and a professional aesthetic for your business. These letters are often put on store windows or building walls. They use unique fonts, colours, and lights to make attractive signs that show the business’s name, logo, or important messages. Their bold and illuminated appearance makes them stand out during both day and night and enhances customer experience. These storefront signs offer businesses a long-term solution and are a good investment.

Custom Canopy

This advertising solution provides businesses with a dual purpose of providing shelter and advertising. Customized with logos, colours, taglines, or messages, they turn a shelter into a marketing tool for businesses. They attract potential customers and are a good form of advertising in high-traffic areas such as storefronts, outdoor events or markets. They effectively capture attention and help businesses grow.

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