Medical Fence Graphics

  • Custom printed so you can communicate important medical messages.
  • Improves privacy behind fenced areas.

Our medical fence graphics allow you to communicate to the public and improve the privacy of those on the other side of fenced in areas. Graphics are custom designed to fit your needs, whether it be to communicate to a line of patients awaiting testing, or re-emphasizing the proper way to wash hands amid global pandemic.

  • Artwork Requirements

    Web Upload:
    Acceptable File Formats:

    1. Adobe Illustrator: .ai
    2. Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
    3. Vector (.eps)
    4. Portable Document Format (.pdf)
    5. Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)

    Fonts: All fonts must be outlined and Vectorized 

    Color Specifications: CMYK File Format

    Cut Lines: Draw a 1pt magnet lines to cut. This will need to be provided on a separate layer. Please be sure this is not flattened on the printed art. This line will be used as the precise cut line!

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