Metal Signs For Business

Why You Should Use A Metal Sign For Your Business

Metal signs are a great choice if you are deciding between different types of signs for your business. Metal signs create a presence for your business and make a stand-out first impression. These durable signs last for years and are easily customizable. Light can be added to the signs for visibility at night. Below are reasons why you should use a metal sign for your business.

Can Withstand Harsh Conditions

Weather can be challenging in many places, taking its toll on exterior signage. Metal signs can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. From ice and sleet rain of the winter to the humidity and heat of the summer, metal signs are durable and can resist the worst mother nature offers. Their weight also helps them withstand strong winds.

Rust Resistant

Aluminum or stainless steel metal signs are rust-resistant and maintain their appeal for years. Stainless steel is treated to protect the sign against corrosion and rust. Aluminum uses oxygen to make a natural oxide, preventing oxidation; with this built-in protectant, your aluminum sign will last for years.

Looks Professional

Metal signs set a tone for your business; they give off a polished, professional look. Metal signs are excellent for marketing agencies, law offices, ad agencies, medical professionals, and more. Metal signs can heighten the profile of your practice and give customers the impression that your company is professional and polished.

Looks Good With Other Materials

You can create a distinct look by integrating metals with other materials. You can use wood, stone, plastics, etc., with your sign to reflect your brand’s image. There are so many options for materials to combine with your sign. You can add contrast and color for an indoor sign to create the perfect wall sign to draw attention and reflect your company.

Many Different Types Of Metal Signs

There are different choices when it comes to metal signs, including:

Dimensional Signs: You can incorporate different layers and pieces of metal to create a 3D metal design. Stacking layers creates a 3D effect; you can use additional powder coats, colors, and different finishes.
Letters: Metal letter signs can be mounted directly onto the wall with custom-cut letters. With these signs, you can also use multiple layers to create a 3D design, drawing more interest. Metal letters can be made from aluminum or stainless steel; however, other materials can be incorporated to create a more intricate design.
Flat Signs: These metal signs can be used to convey a message, such as your company logo or name.

Multiple Uses

Metal signs can be put to use in numerous scenarios, such as:

Real estate
New Businesses
Parking Lots
Home addresses
POP display

Metal signs are an excellent polished, professional way to present your brand name or logo. These signs have multiple uses and are very durable. They can be integrated with other materials for a unique, creative look. 858 Graphics offers custom metal signs; visit our website to learn more.