Economic Cashier Shield

Protect your employees with our economic cashier shields. These guards are modular and can be used for desks of any length. The sneeze guard can be custom branded for any of your store needs. These are easy to install and extremely lightweight. Comes with a set of 2 Uprights and your choice of base! Inserts can be added to your order with custom branding!


Countertop Protection Shield
Tremendous flexibility for long counters or even individual work stations!
Enhance customer and employee safety
  • Use any clear plastic from 0.060″ to 3/16″ thick
  • Full height or use the built in stop at 12″ up for product pass through
  • No drilling required w/non-slip base options
Base Options
  • Steel Clamp-On Base – Use included S knob to secure to countertops from 3/4″ to 1-1/2″ Thick
  • Racetrack base – Flat steel base 3″ wide x 12″ deep with non-skid, rounded front and back
  • 6-3/4″ Round steel base w/double sided tape
  • 4″ Square drill down base – Does not include mounting screws
Cashier Shields – Custom Sneeze Guards
Two 36″ aluminum upright poles (pair)
Upright’s can be either Anodized, Powder Coated, or Painted Silver
Steel bases for added durability 
Set screws lock plastic in place
Add center uprights to extend partitions